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Ferrous & Non Ferrous

Agari International Limited provides an end-to-end solution in the recycling industry and is a global partner in the trade and processing of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous materials. Our partnerships allow us to act as intermediaries between suppliers and foundries. Our territory covers the entire Europe, Middle East and North Africa, with our primary focus being on the quality that we deliver. All prices quoted are from the London Metal Exchange. Learn more

Ferrous & Non Ferrous:


            • Aluminum Ingots
            • Granules
            • Profiles
            • Turnings
            • Alloy


            • Copper Milberry (Dry Bright Wire)
            • Birch Cliff
            • Berry Wire
            • Granules A1/A1B/A2
            • New tube and Old Tube (Heavy Red)


            • Honey Brass 70/90
            • Honey Brass 90/10
            • Honey Brass

Stainless Steel

            • Stainless Steel 304
            • Stainless Steel 316


            • Soft Lead
            • Lead Shred


            • Copper Cables (min 40%)
            • Armoured Cables
            • Aluminium Cables


            • LME Registered
            • Non Registered

Carbon Steel Plates

          • Various sizes available on request